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If you're like most people trying to publicize your auctions, you hate sending email announcements or posting to messageboards, only to find your link broken. Nothing is more frustrating! Worse is when you discover a link to an auction you actually may be interested in, only to have to copy and paste multiple lines from a broken link to get to the auction.

That's where Qurls.com comes in. We create for you a permanent link to your auctions, or any other site whose links produce URLs which are too long to copy and paste with guaranteed success. Its very easy to use, just copy and paste the URL of the page you wish to distribute into the box below and click the "Create QURL!" button. Copy and paste the resulting Quick URL into your emails and messageboard posts with the security of knowing this QURL will work always work for you.

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If you would like to add Qurls to your website then we have something special just for you. Copy and paste the text from the box below and add it to your site code. Your visitors will thank you!

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Qurls.com offers no warranty of its services. Quick URLs are offered as a free service to our site users and those who wish to offer Qurls to their site visitors. If we determine that a Qurl is being abused in any way, or used for email and/or site spamming purposes we reserve the right to remove the offending URL from our databases or redirect it as we see fit.




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